Code Of Ethics


The purposes of this Association are to adopt a Code of Ethics looking to the elimination of unfair competitive practices among its members to ascertain accurately the cost of doing business in all departments, to secure for its members protection agianst the careless and unreliable shipper and to insure in return fair and equitable treatment of all shippers to the end that mutual confidence may be established and maintained.

The further purposes of this Associaton are to reduce and relieve unemployement; to improve the standards of labor therein and to maintain a reasonable balance between supply and demand of hardwood lumber and plywood in the Pacific Coast area.

Code of Ethics

  1. To develop in our relations between ourselves, our customers, and our shippers in the spirit of the Golden Rule.
  2. To establish the spoken word on the bais of the written bond.
  3. To cultivate true friendship, therefore confidence between persons engaged in the Hardwood Industry.
  4. In our dealings with our customers to give them 100 percent value for every dollar spent with us.
  5. To conduct ourselves and our business so that we may render service to society
  6. To recognize the square deal as the keynote of our business.

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